Monday, July 15, 2013

That infectious mountain air and those cool crisp streams...

Ever needed to get away? Well, I sure did. Can't stand summer, especially in the valley. Sierras have always been my escape, and a trip like this past weekend's was a much needed one, if not for my insanity alone. I don't know about you guys, but for me, there's not a whole lot that compare to a shady spot in my Cabela's recliner at a high elevation. The fresh air, the smell of pines, the sound of that cool crisp mountain creek, nature looming around every corner... it does a body and mind good. Throw in some good company, good food and drink... and I've got myself a little slice of paradise. Anyway, here goes nothing.

Fishing fuel.

First order of business once you get to camp.

2nd order of business... have another one.

Such an interesting paradox us hunters and fishermen have to live with... Kind of hard to explain really, and there never may be a good enough explanation for everyone... but when I see such a magnificent creature such as this bear, dead without reason on the side of a road it just gets me thinking a bit, and there's just something so unjust about it that it touches me in way unlike any other. Call me sensitive or what not, but I value and cherish our wildlife and I hate it when modern civilization turns up to be the cause for our wildlife's demise... and at the same time I can't help but think of what I would do, if I were to see this same bear in it's natural state away from a road, walking through the forest during bear season with a tag in hand.

Anyway, how bout some fishing? My wife was very enthusiastic about wetting a line, and I was determined to make it a successful trip for her, and I really wanted to see the joy in her face of catching some fish on her own. So we set out, and soon after not too long, she was hootin and holerin that she had a fish on! Then another and another! I added a few to her limit and we called it a day. Salmon eggs, free drift no weight and just a bobber was the ticket for her... and I got super high tec, and threw a gold bead prince nymph with a salmon egg on the back. Hey, get creative.

Dinner for two!

...and libations.

The next morning I headed out for a quick solo outing... caught a few more and took a photo of the biggest one. Salmon eggs again.

Cookin it old school!

Hobo Fondu! Place some brie cheese in some foil, pour some apple, pear or even peach brandy over the top. Seal it, then place over fire. Throw some fresh bread into the mix and this is one hell of a treat.

So Sunday was our last day at camp... and to give you a little history, my folks have somewhat adopted a russian kid named Boris, but he prefers to be called Bo. Anyway, typical for my family, I've had several friends and families in need live with us throughout the course of my life. Just the way it is... Bo's a hell of a kid, and I think of him like one of my own and call him brother, but the dude cannot fish for nothing, however he is really good with a gun and a bow. He's strong, russian strong haha, so it's quite funny when I try to tell him that he needs to have a little finesse when trying to catch fish. But I was determined to get him to catch one, so before we left I took him down to the spot and got him set up on my rod n reel. Gave him some instruction and let him do the rest. He was pretty stoked, so we set up a photoshoot of sorts for his triumphant victory of the water dwellers!

Money Shot


  1. Wish you would post more dude... Always like your writing, and your pics that accompany. Nice work Elise!
    Jim D.