Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The problems with a hunting blog

Which should read, "The problems with a hunting blog in Kalifornia" is that a blog of this nature, in this state, in these current times... Well, you're essentially making yourself a target. There's a level of vulnerability here, and it's two fold.

Imagine yourself holding both of your hands, palms up, in front of yourself, and for this exercise, imagine that you are standing, holding your hands out anticipating to receive something in each... and what I am going to do, is place something in your hands. In your right, I will place the weight of all the hipsters and "scenesters" in Sacramento and San Francisco combined, can you imagine just the weight alone of all the hair products you're holding? Anyway, in addition to those folks, I will also place all the vegans, vegetarians, anti hunters, liberals, and the majority of democrats in this state. It's quite heavy, right? But you're able to sustain the weight. In your left hand, I will place the newly named Department of Fish and Wildlife (The last line of defense for our fish and wildlife, so they say), our anti hunting state legislatures, the humane society, PETA and so on and so forth. At first, it appears like you're able to keep a grasp but as the seconds go by, the weight of these organizations is simply too much to bear and you have to let go... and as they fall, you'll notice that it looks like that of when you pour out a five gallon bucket of water, yet the bucket does not empty and soon before you know it... You have filled the entire room with water and you can barely keep your head above the water line to breathe.

With each and every passing day, we lose a little more of what we cherish and value so much as outdoorsmen and women, as hunters and huntresses and as fishermen and fisher women. So the problem with a hunting blog, is a matter of being an outcast in modern society, like that of how a spotlight can pick someone out in a crowd. A society too advanced to taste the purity of wild game. A society that has no grasp of how meat shows up in a market or on a fast food menu. A society that calls us barbaric and in-humane. A society that embraces such logic in such a way, that they will do whatever it takes to put an end to us as we know it. As for our officials who are sworn to protect our wildlife, we're seen as criminals before we even step afield. They even have an "Internet task force" that is supposed to seek out blogs just like this one, social networking sites and forums, to monitor activity, or build a case against someone, somewhere... For the mere fact that you are successful in your efforts in most cases. This problem, has proved problematic for someone such as myself who enjoys to share a good story, yet does not enjoy to be treated like a criminal for the mere fact that I favor wild meat over an engineered cow or chicken.

If not for a desire to write, this page would cease to exist just for the mere fact that I do want to deal with a hassle...

And to add a caveat, I do not think that all of our game wardens our evil, yet I can't help but question where they choose to put their efforts and the tactics they use.

And if you think, that we're not on the verge of losing this hunting heritage, then I would ask that you remove the blindfold from your eyes and start paying attention.

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